Choosing Connection

An Online Workshop for Couples Seeking Healing After Sexual Betrayal


Join our online (Zoom) 12-week workshop with 2-4 other couples, on a transformative journey of healing after sexual betrayal.

Built on the principles of the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model (ERCEM), Coach Karen focuses on empathy, understanding, and support throughout the healing process. Together, we engage in carefully crafted exercises to rebuild trust and intimacy, fostering open communication to reconnect emotionally.

Gain practical knowledge for navigating the healing journey, empowering yourself and your partner to repair the devastation caused by betrayal.

Start your healing journey with Coach Karen and rediscover the power of empathy and love in rebuilding your relationship.


WHEN: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm PT

COST: $695

New group COMING SOON!

Purchase Book

Help.Them.Heal: Teaching You Both How to Heal Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal (not an affiliate link)
Author: Carol Juergensen Sheets (Must have workbook before Week One)

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Call or Text: 458-206-3211